Professional Pool Table movers.

pool table movers

Pool table movers near me.

Pool table movers, always represent strong and hardy guys.Able to perform this rather complicated process. The reason — the size of this structure and the fragility of some of its elements. They are of particular importance.

The architecture and layout of apartments, houses doesn`t always imply the free movement. Therefore, it is impossible to take out the table entirely as separate nodes. At least not on the street. The lack of experience further exacerbates the problem. That is why the best option in this case will be the help of a company that specializes in such services.

Our company  «Trans Moving Miami» is ready to take on all the work on pool table delivery in Miami and the region «on a turn-key basis». We have professional movers with extensive experience. They will cope with any task set before them. Place an order with us and you will see for yourself.

We can transport your pool table at any time convenient for you — quality of work and inexpensive prices are guaranteed!

The price for transportation of a billiard table is determined in each case individually. For this you need to call our contact phone +1 (561) 429-6937. Or contact us through the feedback form on the site. We will consult you in detail on all issues of interest. If necessary, we have a free visit of the appraiser-consultant to the facility.

What should be the correct moving of billiards? This question has different answers for different companies, but in most cases everything comes down to such important components:


The preliminary plan should always. Especially if it concerns the carriage of a pool table. Any professional who provided pool table moving service, will initially study the layout of the apartment, from which you want to take the object. Particular attention is paid to stairwells in multi-storey houses. The presence of narrow aisles in apartments. Other premises can also complicate the moving process. So you need to clear everything to the smallest detail and provide everything in advance. So that the order will pass without excesses.

Disassemble and take out

Disassembly of billiards — this is one of the important points to which you must take seriously. Immediately notice that it should be disassembled only professionals. After the table is dismantled, it can be taken out. The table has several large details, with which you should be very careful when moving. These are details of the sides and the playing field itself, consisting of slate boards. It is necessary to disassemble and take out them with high caution, reducing the risk of their damage to a minimum.

Packing and transportation

Safety of billiards during transportation is ensured by correct packaging and fixing it in road transport. Absence of friction of parts between themselves, and also their reliable fastening always guarantees safe delivery to a new place.

Assemblage of a billiard table

The final stage is the assembly of billiards, as well as the correct installation of it in the right place, stretching the fabric and carrying out the alignment of the entire structure.

Our company thoroughly recommends not to engage in amateur activities, but to entrust the transportation of billiards to our experienced specialists who are engaged in this work.
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